What does a Paradigm hairline look like?

At Paradigm we take great care when we carryout a transplant.

We have to ensure that the final outcome is natural looking. It has to be right first time as a transplant is for life and the consequences of making even small errors can be profound and lasting.

We endeavour to make every transplant undetectable as a transplant.

Our goal is a completely natural hairline.

The hairline is the most difficult part of a transplant to get right as the finest hair is at the front of the hairline.

Each hair has to be carefully selected for optimal fineness. This is why hairlines consist mainly of single hairs.
The shape of the hairline must suit the individuals face now – and in the future.

The angle of each hair – and the spacing between the hairs – must be exactly right.

The single hair must contain just the right amount of tissue to sustain it during the transplant process – but not cause any visible scarring when its healed.

There is no room for error in a hairline.

It is the part of the transplant that is always on show to everyone you meet. It is the part of a transplant you cannot hide.

We settle for nothing less than perfection.