Know Who is Doing Your Hair Transplant.

Like any surgical procedure, a hair transplant is an invasive operation and carries a risk. It is inevitable, therefore, that patients will want to get to know their surgeon and also consider very carefully where they should have their procedure.


Brendan Fogarty is the medical director of Paradigm clinic and is a fully qualified consultant plastic surgeon. Mr Fogarty is also an NHS consultant based at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and their lead clinician for plastic and burn surgery at the Royal Group Hospitals.

Mr Fogarty and his team have been doing hair transplantation for more than ten-years and Paradigm has a special interest in (and expertise at) correcting substandard hair transplantations which have left patients unhappy and often in distress.

Paradigm guarantees that all of its patients will have a one to one consultation with Mr Fogarty and he himself will carry out your operation with his highly trained and experienced team of nurses and technicians. The initial consultation with Mr Fogarty will take place at the Ulster Independent Clinic in Belfast and he will carry out the operation in our hair transplantation facility in Belfast.

Mr Fogarty trained for plastic surgery in the UK and he is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. Paradigm’s patients can be assured that they are in the hands of an extremely skilled, qualified and experienced consultant plastic surgeon.


Paradigm clinic adheres rigorously to all the UK-based medical standards of care and always puts the patient first. Patients at Paradigm can be assured they will be getting the best of care and attention and are in the safest of hands.

If Paradigm does not think that the patient will benefit form a hair transplant, Mr Fogarty will ensure that the patient knows this. Paradigm believes that what is in the best interests of the patient is always in the best interest of the staff team and the clinic itself.

The initial consultation with Mr Fogarty is not a sales consultation, it is a medical consultation. Mr Fogarty will consider what is in each patients’ best-interests from a medical point of view and only once this has happened will the patient go on to have a design consultation with Mr Fogarty and Paradigm’s transplantation designer and lead nurse, Joanne Scannell.

Once you are a Paradigm patient, you are always a Paradigm patient. All our post-operative care is free and our patients will be given Mr Fogarty’s personal phone number during the course of the post-operative care process.

Make sure that you are rigorous in your research as a hair transplantation candidate and always ensure that your safety and happiness comes first. Changing your appearance is an important decision and you need to ensure that the right decisions are being made and for the right reasons.