How To Style Your Hair For A FUE Procedure

Most hair transplantation clinics will tell you that you need to shave your head before undergoing a FUE hair transplant procedure.

At Paradigm, however, we will not do this.

A hair-transplant procedure needs to dovetail with our patients’ lives. Paradigm patients will want to plan their forward schedules with the minimum of fuss and interruption and, more importantly, they will want to know how they’ll look, post-operatively. many would like to insure that time off work can be reduced to a minimum and social events can be incorporated easily into diaries.

And although it may not be a bad idea to completely shave the head (and indeed, some patients may prefer to do so) it can lead to awkward and probing questions – or the look simply may not suit everyone.

At Paradigm Clinic we understand this. Our advice to patients planning an FUE hair transplant with us is to ask their hairdresser for the “Fade” haircut.

A Fade haircut has a shaved donor area because the donor area is always at the back of the head where hair growth persists, despite loss in other areas.

The fade haircut is needed because in order to extract one single follicular unit the hair must be just a few millimetres long. The punch that we use to extract a follicular unit is less than one millimetre in circumference. It is placed over the shaved hair and the surgeon follows the direction of the hair right down to the root.

Hair grows in groups of one, two, three and four. Single hair follicles are used to create a hairline at the frontal area. Three and four hair follicular units are used to create density at the centre of a transplant. Planting the wrong type of hair in an inappropriate area will result in an unsatisfactory hair transplant.

When the donor area is shaved in the fade haircut, the surgeon can easily see a one hair follicular unit, or a two, three and four hair follicular unit. The surgeon can then identify which hairs he wants for each individual transplant design.

In the Fade style, you can have the hair in the recipient area at whatever length you’re comfortable with. It is easier to plant the newly harvested follicular units into a shaved recipient area – which is why most clinics ask you to shave your entire head for this procedure. However at Paradigm we have the skills to take this difficulty in our stride. The outcome of your transplant will not be affected by shaving or not shaving your recipient area.


 Fade haircut          fade harictut barbers


The tiny circular donor scars will heal in a few days. Your hair in the donor area will grow at its normal speed. The small red marks left in the donor area after the skin has healed will be covered by the hair. In time, the redness will fade. If you ever decide to shave your head again the tiny scars will not be visible.

As we have planted your healthy permanent hair from the donor area into a recipient area (which will have a reasonable amount and length of native hair) the tiny follicular units will be covered by the hair.

As moisture aids wound healing we will give you a spray to take home and you will spray the newly transplanted grafts and the donor area from where they’ve been taken regularly for the first three days.

Most of our patients take a week off work after the FUE hair transplant procedure. When they return to work there is nothing visible except their Fade hairstyle.


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