Hair Transplantation Design

Why does the design of the hair transplant matter?

You might think that the design of your hair transplant is a simple process but at Paradigm Clinic we understand it is crucial both in the here and now and for the future.

For this reason, all Paradigm patients will undertake a free design consultation with Mr Fogarty and our lead nurse Joanne Scannell, prior to surgery with us.

Your transplanted hair will remain forever – but the process of hair loss will continue in the non-transplanted areas. A good design will take this into account. A Paradigm design will always look natural and suit the shape of your face.
There are only ever a limited amount of donor hairs to transplant so it is important to take care of each graft and to make sure that the patient knows exactly which areas the transplant will cover.

If you take too much donor hair from the permanent hair at the back of the head and place it at the front area – although the patient might be happy with the initial result – in time, they may notice a lack of symmetry over the whole scalp. In order to rectify this, more hair will have to be transplanted and if there is a limited amount of donor hair left (which there will be) then there will be less density in areas which continue to thin.

It is important that the design consultation is undertaken before the surgery so that the patient has time to fully consider, with the transplant specialists, how they will look and what the long-term consequences of their transplant will be.

A dedicated design consultation also gives the patient another chance to ask any questions they might have and to discuss the design with family and friends, if they wish to do so. Some time for reflection between the design consultation and the procedure itself is good practice and ensures that the patient will be satisfied with the work that has been undertaken, not just immediately post-procedure but also in the longer term.

A good forelock design will have to suit the shape of the patient’s face and you will see this as soon as the design is drawn.

We can also future-proof the transplant by plotting-out which areas will continue to thin and include these considerations in each unique design.

hair transplantation design