Hair Transplant Patient Journey




Whether or not to have a hair transplant and where to get it done are not easy decisions to make. Sometimes, it can seem like there is too much information to take in – and what information there is can feel a little abstract and technical.


This is something that Paradigm patient David Rafferty felt when he was considering getting a hair transplant. For this reason, David, who has undergone surgery with us here at Paradigm, wanted to share his experience of the process with other people who are also considering going through this journey.  He felt it was important to help potential patients make truly informed choices. David would have liked to have been able to find the type of information he is sharing with you when he was considering his own options


He wanted to talk about these things so that patients have a clear understanding of some of the decisions that have to be taken when thinking about hair transplant – from both a practical and emotional perspective.


David is a Telecoms engineer who lives and works in Glasgow. He had his procedure at Paradigm in Belfast in May 2018 and has recorded his pre and postoperative experience in a series of photographs and videos which together we will share with you.


Pre-Operation Gallery


Confidentiality is at the core of the work that Paradigm does so we appreciate the candor with which David has agreed to document his journey.


As he approached his 50th birthday, David’s hair loss was becoming something that he was increasingly aware of. When he caught glimpses of himself in mirrors, he started to feel that the way he looked on the outside didn’t reflect how he felt about himself. David is a confident guy and wanted a hairline to match his self-image.


When he came for a Paradigm consultation, David had a clear idea of what he wanted. Not all patients feel this way – and that’s why an experienced plastic surgeon and hair transplantation designer can go through the realistic and achievable options with you.


David wanted, above all else, to have a hair transplant that looked completely natural and that did not stand out. He did not want to look significantly younger, he only wanted to reduce the impact of his current hair loss on his appearance. Brendan and Joanne spoke to him about what his options might be and how this look might be achieved. You can hear more about how David felt about this process here.


Immediately Post-Operation Gallery



David had thought about going abroad for a transplant. He was considering visiting either South Africa or Turkey. Traveling abroad for a hair transplant procedure is an increasingly available option for patients. There were certain reasons why, after much thought, David decided that this was not the right option for him.


Post-Operation Gallery



As it takes eighteen months for the surgical procedure to develop into the hair transplant that a patient hopes to get, we have waited until now to share David’s story with you. We will continue to share his progress with you as his hair transplant matures.


We hope you enjoy hearing from him, We certainly enjoyed going through the process with him. For more information on the hair transplant process and journey, call us on +44 7468 462884.