Preparation For Surgery

Image of a man cutting his hair cut
Image of a man having a hair cut

Preparation for your surgery.

Many hair-transplant clinics will ask their patients to shave their heads completely before they have surgery. At Paradigm, we wont ask you to do this. What we recommend is a type of haircut known as the ‘fade haircut’. This is a popular style which incorporates a fairly short/shaved back of the head cut. This is useful as it’s the back of the head where the grafts are taken from in FUE surgery. The hair here is strong and residual which is why it is the optimal quality of hair for the transplant.

We recommend the fade haircut as the hair is very short at the back yet remains a longer length everywhere else. The head is not noticeably shaved in a prelude to the transplant. It is a simple way of ensuring the hair is the appropriate length for extraction yet enables the patient to continue with day-to-day life and for the transplant to go unremarked upon.

Hair grows in groups of one, two, three and four. The surgeon can easily determine which hairs to replant where - as long as it is possible to identify how they cluster and group together in the donor area. Using the microsurgical techniques of FUE subtle but significant decisions can be made in an exacting and rigorous manner. Planting the wrong type of hair in an inappropriate location results in a poor-quality hair transplant. Paradigm clinic will pay attention to detail in order to ensure this doesn’t happen.

And with the fade haircut there is also a very minimal disruption on terms of appearance in the run-up to the transplantation.

For women we recommend the Pixie Undercut Bob.

“Everything was explained in advance and to my surprise, I actually had an incredibly relaxing day.”

MG, Northern Ireland.