Patient Comfort Measures

The procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic. Thus patients do not have to fast from food and indeed should have a normal breakfast. During the procedure most patients like to relax and watch programmes on their tablet device/ipad.

Local anaesthetic injections, like any injection, can potentially sting. Crucially, however, the procedure is carried out in a gentle sequential fashion so that subsequent injections are carried out through already anaesthetised skin. This greatly reduces any discomfort. With the initial injection sites, we can minimise any discomfort through the use of a vibration anaesthesia device (VAD). Rest assured that these 2 or 3 initial injections to start the anaesthesia are the only ones that should be in anyway uncomfortable. Any subsequent injections will be carried out through the frozen skin ie through the previously anaesthetised area. The local anaesthetic works for a number of hours but ‘top up’ anaesthesia may be required. Clearly this will be dictated by the duration of the surgery as well as the effectiveness of the local anaesthetic. Every patient is unique and Paradigm will make sure that good communication with the patient at all times is a central part of the work that is carried out.

If at any stage during the procedure you wish to use the toilet or have a comfort break this can be accommodated easily. Patients usually have a break mid-way through the surgery when they also can have their lunch.

Overall most patients actually enjoy the procedure and view it as an opportunity to rest ! Patients at Paradigm often tell us that they have enjoyed the day with us during the course of their procedure. Many take in their own devices and ear pods so that they can watch a movie on a streaming service, listen to music or keep up with whatever interests them.