The Treatment Process

As a consultant plastic surgeon, if I feel that a patient would benefit minimally from any particular form of treatment (either medical or surgical) I would rather be honest and let the patient know that they should not waste their time and money in seeking a goal which is not achievable. It is frustrating not to be able to deliver what the patient desires from surgery or treatment, but having adopted this honest approach in my work with patients for many years, I have learned that patients do appreciate my candour and experience in this regard.

In many cases however, work can be done with the patient and progress can be made towards achieving an outcome which reflects the hopes of the patient and the aspirations of Paradigm.

We understand that every face is as unique as are the desires and goals of the patient.

For this central reason, Paradigm adopts a multi-stage approach to treatment in order to ensure that all hairlines are designed in collaboration between myself, the patient and the staff team. Under our guidance, the patient is firmly in the driving seat so that, collectively, an ideal and natural outcome is produced every time.

It may sound contradictory to say that the outcome will be undetectable and invisible, but it really is an important goal in plastic surgery and hair transplantation in particular. The end result will be transformative - but the process and the consequences of the process will be initially undetectable to those in the outside world.

It takes a great deal of skill and expertise from all of the staff at Paradigm to make the alchemical processes described above, manifest. The attention to detail in every step of the transplant process is vital in ensuring a completely natural result, even when viewed close up.

Our Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) process not only facilitates a natural outcome but at the same time minimises any potential scar conspicuousness. This is one reason why FUE is often preferred by many patients to the older method of hair transplantation, the strip method. The details of these differences can be explained to patients during the consultation process.

Vitally, patients can rest assured that the transplanted hair will pass as normal natural hair when viewed by others. Even the ‘donor’ area at the back of the head will go unnoticed, thanks to our skill in performing the FUE technique.

Paradigm Hair Clinic


In the event of longer procedures, patients can have regular breaks as and when required. The length of the procedure depends on many variables, which can be explored during the consultation. Because of the flexible and versatile nature of the FUE treatment, it is possible for patients to break-down the procedure into several smaller treatments if required. This will be something which can be decided between the patient, myself and the staff team as we begin to form an overall picture of what the hair-transplantation requirements of individual Paradigm patients might be.

“We are so very lucky to have such experienced professionals in hair transplantation here in Northern Ireland and it was hugely comforting to know that you could reach out to Dr Fogarty or Joanne if there were any concerns post-procedure.”

MG, Northern Ireland.