Hair-line position


Beauty may well be in the eye of the ‘beholder’ yet as we can see from the golden ratio science can have its part to play in the good-looking stakes.

Both William and Harry are handsome men – but when we look at their faces from a hair transplantation and design point of view then certain factors become significant in the aesthetic consideration of their looks. The length of William’s face is the reason why he is, statistically at least, less handsome than his brother. And it is William’s receding hair-line which is a major contributory factor in the cause of his long face.

When deciding where to place a hair-line we at Paradigm take into account the age of a person, their future hair-loss, their receding temples and the shape of the face.

The proportions in Harry’s face are different because he has only receded at the crown and this is not apparent when you look at someone’s face.

William has a receding hairline, receding temples and the small amount of hair he has in the forelock area has no density to it and is therefore see-through. All of these factors combine to make William’s face less “perfect” than Harry’s. At a Paradigm design consultation we will take such factors into account when we are discussing how best to plan your hair transplant.



If William were to have a hair transplant, we would lower his hairline slightly and bring his receded temples forward in proportion to his hairline. 

This would reduce the size of William’s forehead, bringing it more in line with his brothers shorter narrower forehead and statistically increase his attractiveness according to the golden ratio. Putting some density into the forelock would mean that you would no longer be able to see the oval top of William’s head. 

The overall result would be that the shape of William’s face would be shorter and squarer rather than long and oval – and this might possibly result in William being the most handsome young royal. 


Of course, other factors such as power, money and status may or may not contribute to the perceived attractiveness of William and Harry – just as much as warmth, humour and imagination.


But we at Paradigm cannot alter such additional variables.