Hair Follicle Care

hair follicle care

In hair transplantation, ensuring that each and every graft is out of the body for as little time as possible is important. A hair follicle is a complex organ. If it is damaged in any way, this will have an impact on the overall quality of the transplant.

Timing isn’t the only thing that is important; each graft will have to be handled with delicacy and dexterity to make sure it remains viable.

At Paradigm Clinic, we have a staff team of seven working with our patient in surgery.

We harvest the donor hair in two halves; each follicular unit is counted and checked. Then, the time at which it is removed is noted before it is placed in the chilled ATP solution.

This holding solution mimics the normal conditions of the follicle by replicating an environment that is similar to the scalp tissue.

This gives every bulb the best chance of strength. If follicles are damaged (but still viable) then the colour, quality and strength of the follicle might be compromised meaning that the hair that grows from it can be frizzy or can even be a different colour or texture to its original.

Paradigm’s staff team are a very cohesive unit with extensive hair transplantation experience. No time is lost, no graft is wasted.