How Paradigm Helps Treat Female Pattern Hair Loss

Example of female pattern hair loss

Paradigm has expertise in successfully treating female pattern hair loss. Using the follicular unit  extraction method is ideal for this work as it allows us to plan a design that will look natural now  and in the future.

Women experience hair loss differently from men. The hair thins and fades in a completely  different pattern so it is important to have a lot of experience in transplanting hair for female  patients.

At Paradigm, we can accurately assess your future hair loss and offer design-led solutions which  are permanent.

Unlike in male pattern hair loss, the donor area in female patients can be affected by the hair loss  process which means expertise is required to ensure that we only transplant permanent hair.

We can also advise you on styling your hair for the procedure so that our patients are able to return to normal work and social life as soon as possible.