Female Pattern Hair loss

example of female pattern hair loss FUE treatment


Female pattern hair loss occurs in roughly thirty per cent of all women.

It’s not spoken about much, but it is very distressing – and fairly commonplace.


In women, the main cause of hair loss is genetic, but it can also be impacted by menopause, stress and the ageing process.

Hair transplantation can successfully treat female pattern hair—loss. We at Paradigm are specialists in this area.

An increasing number of women ask us about the FUE treatment for their hair loss.


Different angle of female pattern hair loss


One of the reasons why FUE is a good way of treating female hair loss is that often the donor’s hair is negatively impacted in women. This means, in some cases, that it can be difficult to harvest the hair with the strip method.

But it is relatively easy to access this compromised area using the FUE technique.


Hair loss in women tends to follow a more diffuse pattern than it does with male patients. This is why the design of the transplant is particularly important for female patients. We regularly liaise with our female patients’ hairdressers to ensure that the design suits each individual woman.


Prior to surgery, Paradigm’s female patients will be advised to have a pixie undercut as this will conceal the donor area, post-operatively.


If you have any questions about your hair loss, why not give our medical experts at Paradigm a call so that they can discuss your concerns with you.