Female Hair-Loss with Paradigm Clinic Belfast

Hair-Loss in Women

As a nurse and specialist hair transplantation designer of 23 years experience, I know only too well that it’s not just men who experience distress at hair-loss. Whilst its a very painful experience for anyone, it’s far less socially acceptable when it comes to hair-loss in women.

Female hair-loss has different characteristics to male hair-loss. The Savin Scale below shows the different stages of female pattern hair-loss.

savin scale

In the early stages, women simply notice a widening of the parting, the middle stages the scalp becomes visible and it gets harder to style the hair. In 23 years of specialising in female hair-loss treatment, I’ve only seen the final stage in women once – that’s when you have an intact hairline and very little behind it.

The characteristics of Female pattern air loss differ from the male variety;

A woman will never go bald
The hairline always remains intact
Thinning hair is diffuse covering all of the top of the head and often in to the donor region.
The quality of the donor hair can be affected.

Fortunately, hair transplantation can successfully treat female hair-loss. As with men, the design is the key to a successful hair transplant in women.

The technical issues are, however, very different.

In women, if you spread the hair all over the diffuse area you simply won’t notice an improvement.

Each patient has to identify the most important area for them, and, with the help of our design team, we can then focus on this area to maximise a satisfactory outcome. This can be done in conjunction with your own hairdresser so that future styling options can be carefully considered; taking advantage of natural waves, cows-licks or other female hair characteristics can help us to plan where best to place your good donor hair.


Hair Transplant in Women

At Paradigm, we use the FUE method or hair transplantation. We have in the past used the strip method but for many reasons we find the FUE method a better way to remove the donor hair. We find this is particularly so in women as very often your best hair – which may not be affected at all by the hair-loss process – is low down in your scalp, near the nape of your neck. This is too low to extract by the strip method. This impacted our hair transplant for women in the past and we sadly had to turn a lot of women away.

However with the FUE method we can identify the best hair and remove it easily.

You will need to shave the donor area – but we recommend that you plan this with your hairdresser and ask them to give you a “Pixie Cut” at least a week before your hair transplant procedure. I will often liaise with you and your hairdresser to ensure that we get everything right for the day.

pixie cut

If you’re experiencing female hair-loss why not get in touch with us and see what we can do for you. Get in contact with us through our contact us page.



                           Before                                                  After

before and after female hair transplant