Womens’ eyebrows can often be thinned or denuded by over plucking. As Helen Mirren points out, having well-defined brows can help to defy the natural processes of ageing. 

Men are also subject to changes in eyebrow definition. They tend to lose the outside downward curve of their eyebrows with age. Both have the effect of changing the symmetry of the face and altering the appearance as a consequence. In addition to this, eyebrows express our emotions – so when the shape of the eyebrow changes it can express an emotion that we’re not feeling or give us an expression which does not quite chime with what we are feeling inside.


Whilst tattooing or microblading can re establish the shape of the eyebrow – it results in a two dimensional and therefore flat eyebrow.

Moreover, tattoos fade over time and so the problem recurs.Paradigm are able to take one hair at a time and recreate a natural looking three-dimensional eyebrow. This is very intricate and detailed work but from small beginnings great changes can occur.

The hair in an eyebrow naturally grows in a herring-bone design and this gives the eyebrow its shape and depth and additionally raises it off the face.

By taking one single hair at a time we can also recreate the curved shape of the eyebrow as it naturally follows the orbit of the eye.

Men and women have different shaped faces and so they have different shaped eyebrows. At Paradigm we take all of these details into account and tailor all of our surgeries to suit the face and the wishes of the individual.