The Paradigm Essence

All too often, as we age, we can begin to feel our external appearance doesn’t chime with the person we feel we are on the inside. At Paradigm, we aim to help our patients restore a part of themselves which they fear may have been lost to the passage of time.

However, we also strongly believe that patients should never be under any pressure to make a decision about whether or not surgery should be undertaken.

As an active plastic surgeon who has many years of experience in aesthetic practice, I very much stand-by an age-old adage in surgery, that a comprehensive out-patient assessment is the best way to determine all the options available to the individual patient. This ensures an optimal outcome and a happy patient.

To that end, I will ensure that all Paradigm patients are offered a consultation with myself. This consultation will be comprehensive and collaborative. I will discuss your specific concerns and in order that you feel fully appraised of your options - without pressure or urgency.

Having explored all the treatment options which are available, one  will then be in a position to decide on a course of action to achieve the best possible outcome from the appropriate course of treatment.

If surgery is the desired option, then the design of each hair-transplantation will be unique. It takes a great deal of skill and experience to construct the most suitable transplants for our patients. This has to be a tailor-made process and will involve consultations with our hair transplant design experts.

We will form a complete picture of what you hope to achieve from the transplant and what the outcome of the surgery is likely to offer you.

Each patient will be supported to find that delicate balance between their inner sense of self (and what this image looks like in their mind’s eye) and their outer appearance. This balance will be calibrated differently for each one of our patients. This subtle congruence between the inner and the outer is a complex and delicate area - but it is one of our key specialisms. This balance will be calibrated differently for each one of our patients and this is something that we explore during the design consultation.


"My result has been completely life changing and I cannot recommend the team at Paradigm highly enough. Thank you for making me feel like me again."

MG, Northern Ireland.