The Paradigm Difference

Paradigm offers its patients a new concept in hair transplantation. A series of bespoke surgeries provide a solution to the patient's individual pattern of hair-loss over a period of time.

Our comprehensive hair-loss plan subtly tackles all levels of hair-loss in an incremental way. Working together with our patients, we will design and engineer a unique and enduring response to the problem of hair-loss.

Our highly-skilled team of technicians and designers, including Mr. Brendan Fogarty, have the ability and the proven track record to create an individual hair transplantation experience which deploys the most recent scientific advances, techniques and equipment.

All of this will be undertaken in a carefully-controlled environment which maximises patient comfort at all times. The Paradigm clinic has been equipped solely for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which, thanks to advances in technology, is now the preferred method of hair transplantation across the world.

The highly trained and experienced technical, nursing and medical staff at Paradigm are a cohesive and focused team providing the best medical care possible with whatever schedule of treatment the patient undergoes. Attention is paid to detail at Paradigm, from the start of treatment right through to completion.

It is our main hope that Paradigm patients will have an on-going relationship with the clinic, and our Consultant Plastic Surgeon Brendan Fogarty.

One of the many strengths of the Paradigm method of FUE hair transplantation is that small, bespoke surgeries can be undertaken and that these procedures can be planned over a period of time so that the changes in image will be gradual and subtle, refined yet comprehensive.

This is an important cornerstone in the Paradigm experience. We focus on process and our on-going relationship with the patient is the most seminal part of that process.


“Dr Fogarty’s background in plastic surgery is absolutely invaluable to the hair transplantation process; he was not only able to advise on how the team at Paradigm could restore the hair that had been lost, but he was also able to utilise the hair transplantation process to conceal the scarring present in my hairline”.

MG, Northern Ireland.