The Paradigm Ethos

Welcome to Paradigm, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon-led company dedicated to providing an exceptional hair transplantation experience for clients throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We all know our current world is rapidly changing and that these changes are profound. This does not mean the new is better than the old - but sometimes a shift occurs which incorporates the learning and wisdom of the past whilst simultaneously transforming current perspectives and practices.

As the medical director and co-founder of Paradigm, I believe that our company offers just such a key step-change in the world of hair transplantation.

My name is Brendan Fogarty and I am a consultant plastic surgeon in the NHS and the lead clinician for Plastic and Burns surgery at the Royal Group Hospitals, Belfast, the largest trauma hospital in Ireland.

On this website, I hope to make you familiar with the type of work that we do at Paradigm. I will introduce you to the team of experts and leaders in their respective fields that I have assembled in order to bring this new service to our patients.

I also aim to answer your hair-loss questions and to give you the information needed so that you can make a truly informed choice about your treatment options - in what can all too often be a complicated area.

It is the intention of the team at Paradigm to put the interests of the patient at the forefront of everything we do. That intention is born from a bedrock of extensive experience and technical skill which fuse with new technologies, design excellence and bespoke customer service.

Welcome to the new level.


Brendan Fogarty