A Hair Transplant should be Outstanding; Not Stand Out

A hair transplant should be outstanding, it should not stand out.

To achieve this level of naturalness, you must first pay attention to the design of the transplant. This includes consideration of the outline of the transplant, the angle at which each hair grows and the depth to which every hair is transplanted.

The care of the hair when it’s outside the body is important for optimal regrowth. Where you plant each type of follicular unit matters; single hairs must be used to recreate a natural looking hairline and three and four hair follicular units are used to create density. The two hair follicular units create a natural transition to increased density.

It takes a highly skilled and experienced team to create a natural looking, bespoke hair transplant.

Here’s an example of the modern undetectable hair transplant carried out by the Paradigm Clinic team.

Before this patient’s hair transplant.

hair transplant

1 day after the transplant procedure.

hair transplant

1 week after the procedure.

hair transplant

11 weeks after the transplant.

hair transplant

11 months after the transplant.

hair transplant


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