5 Ingredients to Make the Ideal Hair Transplant


At Paradigm Clinic, we believe there are five essential ingredients required to create a great hair transplant for every Paradigm patient.

These are;

  1. An experienced surgeon.
  2. An exceptional staff team.
  3. Outstanding transplantation design.
  4. Superb and on-going aftercare.
  5. A focus on patient-centred care.


5 Ingredients to Make the Ideal Hair Transplant

1. Why does having a great surgeon matter?


Put simply, it is a legal requirement in the UK that all patients should have a consultation with the surgeon who will carry out their hair transplant, prior to surgery.

At Paradigm Clinic you will be getting a fully-qualified Plastic Surgeon with a great reputation throughout the country. Mr Brendan Fogarty is our Medical Director, a member of the Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and a man who is dedicated to providing the best of patient care in our premises on the Lisburn Road. He is a local man whose reputation precedes him. All of our patients will undertake a comprehensive medical assessment with Mr Fogarty. He is an expert in the process of hair transplantation with many years of experience under his belt. 

With a Consultant Plastic Surgeon you can rest assured that you will be given honest advice and a thorough appraisal of the best course of intervention for you. We do not employ sales staff and there will be no pressure to go-ahead with any medical or surgical plan.

Remember, you will only ever have a limited amount of donor hair available to transplant. We will be altering your appearance for life and this should be undertaken soberly. 


2. An exceptional staff team

The care and quality of the transplanted bulb will determine the future quality of your hair growth. The bulb will re-grow your hair slowly. If the bulb is damaged in any way, this will compromise growth. At Paradigm, we understand that the only way to optimise the quality of the outcome is to have a cohesive and dedicated staff team who are fully trained in the importance of handling each graft with great care and delicacy. We only employ, and train, the very best staff. Our staff team operates swiftly and precisely; they seamlessly blend together to ensure that each and every bulb has the best chance of post-operative viability. 

Paradigm technicians are experts in their own field and they will never let our patients down. We also use the most modern microsurgical equipment and audit every single graft to ensure each one has the minimal time outside the body.


3. Outstanding hair transplantation design

All of our patients at Paradigm Clinic undertake a pre-operative consultation design meeting. Our designer is Joanne Scannell, a qualified nurse who has many years of experience in the NHS and in private work. She is responsible for the hair transplantation design of many of the people you will see on your television screens. She worked in London and Dublin before joining forces with Mr. Fogarty, our medical director, to create Paradigm Clinic. Joanne will assess the texture and quality of the hair, – this will be unique to every patient – and will focus on the style to be achieved, the density, the shape of the patient’s face and the patterns of projected future hair loss. She also looks at the angle of hair growth as every hair grows in a very specific direction. She then writes and shares a complex pre-surgical plan with the staff team to ensure that they can dovetail their roles to harmonise with what the patient wants. 

This is where science meets art. We will never give our patients unrealistic hopes, but we will strive to give them the very best possible outcome, long-term.


4. Superb, on-going aftercare

Immediately post surgery the blood-supply will be trying to attach itself to the carefully transplanted bulbs. Whilst many of the visible transplanted hair will fall out (and this can be a distressing time for patients) the bulb will be busy doing its work beneath the surface of the skin. Infection is a danger at this point. At the time of writing, Paradigm Clinic has a record of zero post-transplantation infection but there is always a possibility that this might happen. For this reason, our surgeon will meet with every patient approximately six to seven days post procedure. 

Throughout this time (and beyond) the patient will be able to contact Mr. Fogarty or Joanne directly. Potential problems can be ironed-out. Once you are a Paradigm Patient, you are always a Paradigm Patient and we will maintain an on-going relationship with everyone who has surgery with us. All of our post-operative care is free. Careful details about how to look after yourself in the weeks and months following a transplant will be clearly laid out. Remember, if you bump your head, subject it to strong sunlight or suffer from an infection, grafts can be damaged and you may have a less than optimal outcome. 


5. A focus on patient-centred care

Consistently good patient care is the hallmark of everything we do at Paradigm Clinic. We have seen too many patients who are disappointed in their hair transplantation surgery (which has taken place elsewhere) not to understand how important this point is. Get in contact with us on our website, or email us at info@paradigmclinic.co.uk

There is only ever a limited amount of donor hair to transplant. Whilst the very initial result might look good, these hairs will fall out. It is the bulb which then takes over to promote the new growth. If too many hairs have been transplanted badly there is a limit to what can be done which is why it is important to get it just right, first time around. You will continue to lose hair as you age, as part of a natural ageing process, so it is vital that not even one hair is wasted. Our transplants will always take into account the future projected pattern of hair loss so that our patients can be assured they will be in the very best of hands, not just in the here and now, but also in the future.

A Paradigm hair transplant will last you for the whole of your life.