Being at the top of the London hair scene for over 30 years I have managed to learn an awful lot about who the very best people are in our industry. When deciding who to consult for a transplant I was lucky enough to meet Joanne and Brendan from Paradigm. There are many with technical ability but few who have the eye to create a natural and realistic hairline. This aesthetic is crucial if you don't want to be the guy in the office (or salon!) that looks like he had a (cheap) transplant!

Bredan and Joanne have years of experience at making transplants look undetectable. My experience was very enjoyable. I got honest answers, great advise, and most importantly my expectation was perfectly managed.Thank you both. Looking forward to my next visit.

Kind Regards, 
Paul Windle,
Windle and Moodie, Covent Garden, London.

My hair started to recede and thin about 7-8 years ago when I was in my mid to late twenties. I found this extremely difficult and stressful as I would take a lot of pride in how I look and the fact that I was losing my hair was very difficult to deal with. After about a year of watching my hair fall out I decided to seek advice. A friend had started taking the drug Finasteride which had shown him great results so I spoke with my GP about it and started to take the drug myself. Initially over the first few years of taking Finasteride I also had great results where the balding process seemed to stop or greatly slow down. This was great that it had slowed down but I had already receded quite a bit and it was constantly on my mind. I would permanently be trying to fix my hair to ensure that the receding sides were covered, using hairspray to try and keep my hair in place and buying all sorts of hair products to try and thicken the hair. This went on for a few years and every year it got more depressing and it would be taking up more of my mind.

A couple of years later the friend who told me about the Finasteride drug had decided to get a hair transplant through a well known hair clinic. He went to England to have the procedure where they remove a strip of skin from the back of your head and use the hairs from that strip to implant on the balding areas. Shortly after I went to see a hair loss consultant myself to discuss having this procedure but I was put off by the idea as the removal of the strip of skin from the back of the head would result in leaving a scar and as I wear my hair short this would be noticeable. In hindsight I am glad I didn’t go ahead with this procedure as my friend was very disappointed with the results and has since had another hair transplant (this time the FUE procedure). So for another few years I carried on with the Finasteride and driving myself up the walls trying to keep my hair in place!

Just over a year ago my hairdresser told me about a new hair transplant process (FUE) and how another one of his clients had this procedure carried out by a Surgeon here in Belfast who was pioneering the FUE procedure - Dr Fogarty. My hairdresser said the results of his client were excellent and that the procedure was very straight forward. I immediately arranged a consultation with Dr Fogarty.

My initial consultation with Dr Fogarty could not have gone any better, we were both on the same page when it came to what I wanted from the the procedure. I wanted to fill in the receding parts, bring my hair line forward a bit and ensure that the hair in behind would not start to thin out, while making sure I retained a natural looking hairline so that it would not be noticeable to other people that I have had a hair transplant. He explained the procedure in detail to me, how there would be no visible scarring and the minimal time I would need to take off work etc. He ensured me that everything would be private as anonymity was very important to me. The procedure itself would take place in a private place so that no one would see you coming to or going to the surgery. We looked through 'before and after' photos of previous patients of Dr Fogarty’s and by the end of the consultation I was very confident of going forward with the procedure. I can honestly say that even just after leaving the consultation it felt like a huge relief and weight off my shoulders.

A number of weeks after my consultation I was booked in for the procedure.

The day of the procedure itself was extremely straightforward. I met with Dr Fogarty and his fantastic team in the morning. They drew where the hairline would be on my head, provided pain relief, explained how the day would go and if I needed any breaks etc that was no problem. Dr Fogarty and his team couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming and put to bed any nerves that I had that day. The actual procedure was very easy and I had no pain. I had been advised that there would be no pain beforehand but I was shocked at just easy how the day was. I spent a lot of the day on my iPad. I even think at one stage they had to ask me to stop talking as they were trying to concentrate! I was there most of the day and had someone drop me off and collect me when I was finished.

The days after the procedure were again very straightforward, I had very little pain and if I did that was relieved with paracetamol. There was a little bit of work to do to looking after my head and making sure to keep it clean by using a spray etc. Dr Fogarty sent me home with all the advice needed along with any medical supplies required. He also gave me his number and told me to call him anytime if I had any questions or anything. I took a week off work and this was more than enough time (I work in an office).

I am now about 10 months along after my procedure and already I cannot believe the results. It is truly amazing. The hair growth was noticeable after about 6 months and each month that goes on my hair is coming through more and thickening more. I really can’t wait to see how it further develops over the next year or so when I have been advised I will see the full results. I have gone from constantly thinking and worrying about my hair, checking it and fixing it every time I walk past a mirror to now where I don’t even think about it at all as I am so confident with the results already.

I can honestly say that having the procedure has really changed my life and I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about it to go for it and book that consultation with Dr Fogarty. Dr Fogarty and his team are really great and I am extremely pleased with how they treated me and the after care I have received, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I am aware that the FUE procedure is a lot of money like any surgery is, but it has been worth every penny.

AF, Belfast