Our Team


Medical Director

  • NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeon based at the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast and Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.
  • 22-years experience in plastic surgery.
  • Lead Clinician for Plastic and Burn Surgery, Royal Group Hospitals.
  • Specialist interest in scalp reconstruction in major trauma patients and aesthetic hair restoration surgery.
  • Subspeciality training in aesthetic surgery.
  • British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon (BAAPS) mentor to junior consultant plastic surgeons.
  • Trainer/examiner for  trainee surgeons for  the final FRCS(Plast) accreditation examination.
  • Previously consultant to Hair Restoration Blackrock (HRBR) Dublin.
  • Subject of BBC Northern Ireland’s “Superdocs” programme on plastic and reconstructive surgery.

From the reconstruction of the disfigured patient to the enhancement of the normal, my entire plastic surgery training and practice is devoted to the consideration and enhancement of the patient’s appearance.

As a consultant in the major trauma centre for Northern Ireland, I am confronted by many challenging cases characterised by complex scarring. These include scalp and eyebrow injuries resulting in scar-related hair-loss. Not only utilising a panoply of non-hair transplant techniques in reconstruction, I also incorporate hair transplantation into the reconstructive repertoire.

From a transplantation perspective, I increasingly found that patients were being referred to me who had visible scar issues related to the strip harvest technique of hair transplantation. At the very least, the associated linear scar limited how short a patient could wear their hair e.g. in warm weather or in relation to their lifestyle. At worst, the scars were almost always visible especially if patients went swimming or were in a windy environment. The only solution for most of these patients was Follicular Unit Extraction (or FUE) which lent itself perfectly to these problems. For new patients, FUE means no issues with scarring and an ease of surgery for the patient.

The utility and versatility of FUE meant the most challenging scar-related issues could be addressed. For this reason (and others) I came to understand and appreciate what a powerful technique FUE is. I decided a service dedicated solely to FUE hair-restoration surgery would be of use to a wide variety of patients and joined up with Joanne Scannell, who has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the world of hair-restoration, to bring Paradigm into being.


Joanne Scannell RN

Senior transplant co-ordinator & Specialist hair transplantation designer

  • Over a long period of time, Joanne has made an intricate study of hair-loss patterns and how to find the best and most suitable transplant designs for each patient. This is a detailed area which combines an artistic vision with scientific and empirical knowledge. Joanne is an internationally sought-after specialist in this area.
  • Registered nurse with over 20-years experience of hair transplantation in both the UK and Ireland.
  • Key-note speaker at International Hair Transplantation conference events throughout the world.
  • Pioneering founder of dedicated Hair transplantation facilities.

Joanne has been carrying out hair transplantation for most of her professional life and her driving aim has been to make sure that patients seeking hair transplantation have the most professional and most sophisticated treatment in a client-led and client-centered manner. She has a special interest in the technical advances and is dedicated to providing her patients with the best and most appropriate treatment available to them.

Joanne has been at the forefront of developments in different hair transplantation modalities and is always keen to press forward to ensure her patients have the optimal hair-transplantation experience and result. Patients at Paradigm can be assured that they are in the hands of one of the most experienced hair-transplantation practitioners in the world.

Team dynamics and the formulation of exceptional team synergies are another area of interest for Joanne. This is because the team is a vital part in delivering the optimal hair-transplantation outcome for the patient. 

Beverley Barbour BSc, MA.

Patient Liaison Manager

Beverley has a huge amount of experience in helping patients through their hair-transplantation journey, from the initial stages to the completion of surgery to post-operative care and assessment. She has a track-record in managing hair transplantation surgical units and also as a dedicated patient-facilitator;

“I am here to guide you through all the parts of your hair-transplantation process. I understand your concerns over privacy and discretion and your expectations around advice and results. I am excited to be a part of Paradigm and I know that we can offer our patients and unparalleled level of professionalism and care. Through our use of the most advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques and equipment, combined with fully-qualified and skilled surgical, nursing and technical staff, I am confident the Paradigm experience can help you.”

Beverley is interested in understanding the unique needs and aims of each patient and communicating these hopes and aspirations in a clear and way. She will walk each client through their particular, individual journey at Paradigm and keep our patients both informed and heard with her exceptional interpersonal communication skills.

Beverley has more than 30-years experience in managing staff and patients in complex medical and surgical environments and is also the founder of a charity called Mia Hair Restoration Charitable Trust (CHY19611).  The charity is dedicated to helping young children who have experienced traumatic hair-loss as a result of accident, burns or cancer treatment,  but who are not in a position to fund cosmetic surgical work themselves.


“From Brendan and Joanne I got honest answers, great advice and most importantly, my expectations were perfectly managed.”
Paul Windle, one of London’s top hairdressers and Paradigm patient